You ever had a time in your life when it seems like if it’s not one thing it’s another? Or you have that one day or week where all hell seems to be breaking loose?

First your car breaks down, then you break the heel on your favorite shoe, your student loan auto-payments caused your bank account to overdraft, your phone gets cut off, you’ve got family drama going on, your co-worker just got the promotion that you’ve worked your butt off to get AND she decides to flaunt it in your face!

It’s in those moments where you can feel like God has forgotten about you; however, you need to realize that those “all hell is breaking loose” moments are normally an indicator that something big is coming.

It’s no coincidence that you have everything coming against you right before your answered prayer is manifested because there’s an enemy who wants you to take your focus off of what you’re hoping for and onto temporary circumstances which have been strategically placed to distract you. Not only are those circumstances there to distract you, but the intent of that adversary is to get you to lose hope.

Once you lose hope (which is an expectancy of a certain thing to happen), then you can be easily deterred from fulfilling the dreams of your life.

The most common indicator that something big is coming is when people close to you are coming up against you or your dreams. Oftentimes, those people will be the ones who are closest to you because only the opinion of those who you care about will have the most impact on you. It’s difficult to believe for God’s goodness when you have strife and discord in your life. Someone may be spreading rumors about you, someone may have lied on your name, a co-worker may have thrown you under the bus, someone may have hurt you, someone may have stolen from you, a loved one may have disappointed you; whatever it is, I want you to know that these are all attempts to get you off your game.

If you put your energy into fighting with someone, or trying to clear your name or trying to prove your point, then that’s energy that you’re wasting which should be focused on the pursuit of your goals. Don’t fall into the deception of trying to vindicate yourself, trust that God will do that for you. Don’t allow any person or circumstance to steal your hope or distract you from what you know is already yours and it on it’s way.

When Eve was deceived in the Garden of Eden, she was deceived by a serpent but it was not the serpent that deceived her. It was the voice behind the serpent, who really was the enemy. I know you’re probably like, “Really, Maria? Are you talking about the devil?”

Yes, I am! Too many of us think that he isn’t real or that he’s someone in red suit who comes out on Halloween. He’s very real, he hates you and his sole purpose is to steal, kill and destroy all that you have. You have to know who your real opponent is. It’s not your circumstance, it’s not the person who’s coming against you, it’s him.

Once you know who your opponent is, then you can discern his ways. Once of his greatest tactics is distraction because it leads to deception and he is the father of all lies. He also loves to bring strife, disagreements, friction and discord between people. Stand firm in your faith and refuse to allow anyone to shift your focus. You’re strong, you’re powerful and you WILL receive all that has been promised to you.

Take back the authority over your life. If all hell is coming against you then be glad because I am certain that something BIG is coming! Don’t be distracted and don’t let anything take your eyes of off your prize.  Don’t be so easily offended, quickly forgive those who try to offend you, let it go and get ready to receive all that you’ve hoped for!



Maria I. Melendez