There are certain things that we do that are normal because everyone else around us does them but that doesn’t mean that it’s helpful.

Engaging in certain behaviors that may seem “normal” could be the very thing that delays your success and today I was reminded of that.

One thing that will hands down delay your success is complaining.


Have you ever been around someone who complains about any and everything? I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I’ve been that person before.

At the office, everyone complains about your boss or the pay or that Friday isn’t coming fast enough. In your circle of friends, everyone is complaining about not having enough money. Your single friends complain about not being married yet or if you’re planning a wedding, you complain about how stressful it is. Trust me when I say that I know planning a wedding is stressful but do you know how many women would love to be in your shoes right now?

You complain about the weather, not having enough vacation time, your promotion not coming quick enough or your business not having enough clients but you don’t know that the only thing that complaining does is delay the process.


Because a complaining attitude is one that lacks maturity and one that will never be satisfied. So if God were to give you that promotion, you’ll eventually find something else to complain about in your new position.

You will be just as happy now as you’ll be when you receive whatever it is that you’re hoping for. When you shift your mind from complaining to an attitude of gratitude then you will find yourself experiencing joy, peace and happiness.

And that’s when you’ll stop the delay of your progress and you’ll experience the acceleration of your dreams.

Don’t stop complaining just to get something to happen in your life but stop complaining because it’s toxic. How many complaining people who are successful have you ever met?


Because complaining is ungrateful and you can always find something to be grateful for.

How can you start to shift that attitude?

First, make a commitment to stop complaining. I heard success coach, Terri Savelle Foy, share that she made a commitment to stop complaining for 30 days and in those 30 days she saw breakthroughs happen in her life, finances and businesses like never before! From her books being translated to French to saving $5,000 to having her television show confirm 8 time slots at a TV network instead of only having one.

So that’s the challenge I’m presenting to all of us, #30DayComplainFree challenge! Let’s all make the commitment to not complain about anything for the next 30 days and let’s see the differences in our lives, especially in our attitudes.

At the end of my day, I write down five things that happened that I can be grateful for. So get a journal and start this exercise to. When you do, take a pic and feel free to tag us on Instagram @embraceherlegacy and use the hashtag #30DayComplainFree.

Stop the complaining so that you can stop delaying all the great things that God has in store for you.

Ready, set, go!!!



Maria I. Melendez