Lately I’ve been digging into my vault of personal development books and one that I am paying closest attention to right now is “Thinking For a Change” by John Maxwell  – which is highly recommended for one of your summer reads. One quote that has resonated with me the most was this:

Unsuccessful people focus their thinking on survival.
Average people focus their thinking on maintenance.
Successful people focus their thinking on progress.

Exactly what I needed to read at the moment…

If you’re reading this right now, I can safely assume that you are someone who desires to live life in purpose and who desires to define the legacy that you want to leave. If you know me, you know that one of my greatest grievances is to see people so focused on survival that they forget to choose to birth their God-given dreams. Oftentimes, we can get so caught up into day-to-day survival and maintenance that we can forget to think about how to progress, grow and achieve our big goals. It has been proven that the one quality that all successful people attain is the quality of being a great thinker. Everything begins in thought form which turns into an experience.

Focusing strictly on survival and maintenance can be a HUGE distraction from you achieving your dreams. Once you can be distracted, you can be deceived, then you can be dislocated and ultimately be destroyed. I know that it can be tough to achieve a dream or work towards a major goal, especially when your resources are limited. Nevertheless, when your resources are limited, this is a great chance for you to get resourceful, get creative and make your dreams happen with what you have instead of what you lack.

It’s time to think progress instead of focusing on surviving. Life is more than our bills or day-to-day superficiality where we praise Fridays and lament Mondays. I want you to focus on your big vision that you have for yourself and I want you to think about the progressive steps that can help you get there. Here are some tips:

  1.  Think of who or what you have access to right not that can help you achieve your goals. There is ALWAYS someone or something. Start to build your plan from there, reach out to that person.
  2. If you need a freelancer for things like graphic design, logo design, web copy, web design and more, check out where you can hire freelancers to do various jobs for you for $5. (There are possible add-ons for each job but it’s REALLY inexpensive and each job starts at $5!)
  3. Barter your services. Let’s say that you’re a make-up artist and you need to create a portfolio with images of your work.  Instead of complaining about not being able to afford a photographer, how about finding a photographer who needs new images for their portfolio and you guys exchange your services. He needs a MUA, you need a photographer – work it out together.
  4. Brainstorm your tail off! Look at your goals written down in front of you and think about what you can start doing now to make it happen. Perhaps you want to publish a book and think that you will not be able to because you do not have a publisher. You can find ways to self-publish. If you can afford an order of (200) books, then focus on what you can afford.
  5. Google all free or inexpensive resources that you have access to. There are so many workshops, events and services available at local libraries, churches or non-profit organizations. Know what’s in your town and make it happen!

If you’ve been so focused on surviving or maintaining, then I want you to make a change and commit to thinking progressively. I want you to get resourceful for your dreams and MAKE IT HAPPEN! We can get resourceful when it comes to surviving but will not apply a progressive thinking to our dreams.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs by the lovely Mariah Carey “Make It Happen” – make this your anthem this week and always embrace your legacy!

Maria I. Melendez