We all may struggle with some sort of fear in our lives. Fear can be such a torment if you allow it to be and it can come disguised in so many ways. In order to truly defeat the fear that may show up in your life, you have to first understand what fear is.

This is the definition of fear – an impending threat of danger, evil or pain whether the threat is real or imagined. There are actually two types of fear that we deal with in life; one is external fear and the other is internal fear.

External fear is that fear that you feel when your outside circumstances are being threatened. For example, if you are home alone at night and you wake up to hear someone lurking around in your kitchen. Your outside, physical circumstances are being threatened and the fear you experience at that moment is valid.

Internal fears are those fears that play out in your mind which are the imagined threats that are indicated in the definition of fear above. Internal fears are fueled in our thought life and those fears will influence our words, actions, character and destiny. These fears that I am referring to are things like the fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of being alone, the fear of financial lack, the fear of the future, the fear of never overcoming your circumstances etc.

The tricky part about fear is that if you do not recognize it or deal with it at it’s root, then you will find yourself always speaking and acting out of fear which will ultimately undermine your potential and God’s power in your life. Scary but true.

So how do you deal with the fear once and for all?

The only way to fight fear is with a plan.

Let’s say that you are going on a really important road trip and since you have never been there before and you have no idea of how to get there, you may fear getting lost along the way. So in order to assure that you do not get lost, you choose to prepare for the trip by packing a map, printing out directions, using your navigation system and assuring that you have your phone charger for your car along with a full tank of gas. You fought your fear of getting lost with a plan.

This is the same way that you have to fight those internal fears in your life. Get your plan in order. I am a believer in God and His Almighty power so my plan of fighting fear includes prayer, worship, spending alone time with God, studying His word and speaking His promises out loud throughout my day. We may not have the same spiritual beliefs, but you have to get your plan in order and do what works best for you.

I begin every morning speaking and declaring what I want for my day. I begin every day in prayer. I focus my attention on God doing what only He can and trusting Him for everything each and every time a thought of fear arises. What I am doing is strengthening my faith and weakening the fear.

Whatever you choose to focus on, you empower to grow in your life. It’s so easy for me to tell you to live by faith and not by fear, but too often we say that and have no clue as to how go about doing that. Faith is the confidence for what we hope for and the evidence of things that are not seen. I highly recommend that in your plan to combat any fear in your life is that you choose to focus on what you hope for and not what you fear.

Also, write out your plan to combat your fear. What is one thing that you can begin to do differently tomorrow to deal with any fear in your life? Write it down, look at it every morning and do what it says. There comes a time where we have to stand our ground and say that enough is enough!

Declare today that fear will no longer have power over you, your future or even your loved ones. Tap into the power that lives inside of you and create your plan to defeat fear in your life once and for all.



Maria I. Melendez

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