Like some of you, I’ve had a rough few months. Things started happening in my life that I never ever saw coming. It seemed like I just couldn’t get a break, one thing after the other.

But after spending much time in prayer, I decided to choose faith in spite of what was happening to me. I made the choice to keep going.

What most people fail to realize is that even those of us who are boldly realizing our dreams experience the same fears, failures, and  disappointments as anyone else.

During a meeting with a fellow entrepreneur and inspirer, we transparently shared the struggles of building a legacy. In the middle of the meeting, I told her that October would be our month of restoration and that things would start shifting in our favor. We laughed and kept each other encouraged.

Well do you know that she emailed me a few days later telling me that she started getting registrations for her conference that isn’t happening until NEXT year! She told me that I was right because October was starting off with a bang.

I forgot what I had declared and immediately I started declaring out loud, using the power in my words to continue confessing things being restored and realized in my life.

The NEXT day, I woke up to an email notifying me that I had been selected to participate in a program that I had been dreaming and praying for!! You should have seen me dancing at 6am! A few hours after that I had a meeting with another phenomenal woman who reminded me of the value of my work…I felt beyond inspired to have the support of someone who gets paid upwards of $20,000 per hour to motivate others but she share her words of wisdom with me for free.

I walked around Columbus Circle in New York City mesmerized by all the possibilities of what the future holds for me.

Just thankful that I could sit in the middle of Central Park in the middle of a beautiful, sunny afternoon to take in the moment.


I wake up this morning to another email. (BTW, part of my confessions is me thanking God for the doors of opportunity being opened through the window of my email.)

An international conference for women in THAILAND would like me to be a keynote speaker for their event. I couldn’t believe it, this is something I’ve been drooling over for years!!

But because the organization is a non-profit, they couldn’t cover my speaking fee or travel arrangements. So I had to respectfully decline.

A year ago, I would have felt defeated and discouraged. But I had a heart of gratitude. Instead of moping about it, I changed my perspective. This only means that I’m one step closer to my destiny. I’m headed in the right direction and for that I am thankful because I know there are people who are moving further and further away from their vision.

Why am I telling you all of this?

I am convinced that the reason things are shifting for me is because I started to change the words that I’m speaking. Not only did I decide to change my words but I accompany those words with faith.

Faith that God will do as He has promised.

It’s like I felt God telling me, “If you change what you say, I’ll change what you see.”

So what are you saying? Just what you’re seeing?

If you’re limiting what can happen to you to only by what you see, then you are frustrating the power that is for you and strengthening the power that is against you.

Look past your current situation and start confessing out loud what you want to see happen. If you’re someone who prays, then choose to believe that you have it the moment you’ve asked. All you have to do is start thanking God for it…this is the essence of faith in action.

You may know the power in your words so you may not be saying anything negative but if you’re not saying anything at all then that’s probably why you’re not seeing anything change either. Make a commitment to start confessing what you want, not what you see.

Write it down and read it out loud. In the middle of day while you’re at the job you hate, just thank God that you’re new job is coming. When you’re running low on cash, start declaring that money is coming to you from all directions. Need new clients for your business? Start calling them into existence.

You will have what you say!

It’s time to change what you’re speaking and then you’ll see a change in what you’re seeing.


Maria I. Melendez