#EmbraceBeingEnough – Join The Movement!

The best thing Brene Brown taught me…my worth doesn’t have prerequisites. 

Sis…you are enough and worthy just as you are, not when…

You lose the weight
Get into the school
Get the degree 
Get that job
Buy the house 
Fix your credit 
Get out of debt 
Have children 
Get married 
Start the business 

Too many of us believe that we are not enough, just as we are. We believe we have to keep on “getting” in order to be good enough. We believe this lie that our life doesn’t have meaning if we’re not doing something BIG. We believe our worth is tied to what we accomplish or what we have. Big lies! 

What happens if you lose those things? Or the money stops coming in? Or the marriage ends? Or you suffer an accident that doesn’t allow you to perform the way you used to? Is your worthiness at stake then?

Not to mention that this world of “look at me” on social media isn’t helping! 

I struggled big time in this department. I truly believed my worth was in what I had, my relationships or what I achieved, until I lost it all. I went from having it all to being broke, lonely and busted. 

That’s when the true work of healing and self-awareness began.

I still struggle with believing that I’m good enough on certain days. Who doesn’t? The world tells us that we have to keep doing and producing or else something is wrong with us but is that really where happiness lies?

I knew I wasn’t the only woman struggling with this. I want us to talk about this while using the power in vulnerability and transparency to establish connection with YOU; women who can find some inspiration knowing that you are not alone. 

Hence…the idea for the #EmbraceBeingEnough campaign was birthed.  

The #EmbraceBeingEnough campaign is a series of conversations where Embrace HerLegacy will interview influential women and girls from various backgrounds who will discuss worthiness and validation…essentially what it means to “be enough.”

You can listen to interviews on our podcast. (Available on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Soundcloud and Google Play) 

The intention of the campaign is to celebrate worthiness and self-validation as we inspire women and girls to feel whole and confident.

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If no one has told you ever, YOU ARE ENOUGH! You were divinely created with beauty, purpose and intention. Don’t let that inner saboteur try to tell you otherwise…


Maria I. Melendez 
Founder & CEO 
Embrace Her Legacy