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OK ladies…it’s time to get in formation by joining the most encouraging, slaying and phenomenal tribe of women, The Legacy Society! 


Simply put, we’re here to stop the madness that women cannot come together. We are committed to building you up, inspiring your personal growth and help you realize your divine power and SLAY your goals. 

We coach, educate and inspire millennial women with the tools and resources to activate your divine inner power in order to live out your legacy through our online personal development + spiritual growth workshops, access to online live “office hours”, Facebook community, tailored events, goals coaching, mentorship opportunities, and brand consulting. 

We’re fabulous, smart, educated, faith-filled and passionate about women leading their lives with poise and purpose. 

We believe that we are royalty. You can only be a queen when you start to think like one. 

And that’s what we’ll help you do…transform into that confident, whole, goal-slaying woman that you desire to become sis!

Imagine how different you would think, act and speak if you knew that you were royalty! 

Where would you go or not go? 
What would you eat or stop eating? 
What would you put up with? 
What would you expect to happen to you? 
What would you stop fearing? 
What material things would you have and not have any problem acquiring? 

As you invest in yourself, you invest in a girl across the globe as percentage of proceeds from your memberships will go directly to The Embrace Her Legacy Foundation mentoring, empowering and inspiring girls around the world! 


  • Immediate access to our online workshops taught by the Embrace Her Legacy founder, Maria I. Melendez. Our current workshops include: 
    • Secrets Galore in Building Powerful Relationships in Life & Business 
    • Major Keys to Discovering and Living In Your Purpose 
    • How to Negotiate Like a Boss 
    • The 7 Major Keys of Accomplishing Your Goals 
    • How to Have Unwavering Faith to Defeat Your Giants 
    • Mastering Your Thought Life – How to Master Positive, Faith-Filled Thinking 
    • Learn to Discover Who You Are – A Class on Confidence, Self-Worth & The Power of Your Story
  • Access to our private discussion board and Facebook group – our online community of like-minded women 
  • Access to online live “Office Hours” with prominent women for inspiration and education  
  • Access the exclusive Legacy Society weekly newsletter personally written by our founder 
  • Access to discounted Goals Coaching 
  • Access to discounted Podcast Consulting 
  • Access to discounted Brand Development consulting 
  • First access to sales for merchandise and events 
  • Premium access at events 
  • Opportunity to become a mentor, volunteer or guest speaker for our Embrace Her Legacy Foundation for girls 


How to Negotiate Like a Boss 

  • Learn to identify your skills, assets and abilities to leverage your ask
  • Learn how to kill it in every meeting and walk away with what you want 
  • If you’re a new to your industry, learn specific newbie strategies to get your foot in the game
  • Learn how to make sure you have satisfied clients 
  • Discover your value to the marketplace
  • Learn strategies to gain repeat clients 
  • Learn how to identify the person who can help you in all negotiations 
  • Learn how to find out what to charge your clients 
  • Gain the confidence to charge what you deserve…even if it means walking away

The 7 Major Keys of Accomplishing Your Goals

  • Create your personal success plan
  • You’ll be able to clearly define what you want 
  • You’ll learn how to discover and realize your life’s assignment 
  • How to avoid several common goal-setting mistakes 
  • Learn the power of writing your dreams and goals 
  • Learn how to make your goals SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Specific 
  • Identify and set your top 10 goals for the next 12-18 months 
  • Create an action plan for each goal 
  • Time-management skills to effectively work on your goals 
  • How to deal with people who don’t support you or your goals 
  • How to prepare for obstacles
  • Identify hidden resources that can help you
  • Create a schedule to help you work on your goals daily

How to Have Unwavering Faith to Defeat Your Giants 

  • How to gain faith by understanding God’s character 
  • How to stop doubting and gain the courage to defeat your giants 
  • Learn how to get through challenging seasons 
  • How to recognize and pass tests of faith 
  • How to exercise the power in your words to change your situation 
  • Learn how to use the Word of God to encourage your faith 
  • How to pray powerful, faith-filled prayers 
  • Learn how to overcome fear, doubt and negative thinking

Mastering Your Thought Life – How to Master Positive, Faith-Filled Thinking

  • Learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs 
  • Understand the power of your thoughts 
  • Learn how to use your thoughts to attract what you want 
  • Learn how to control your thoughts of fear, worry, doubt and other negative emotions 
  • Learn how to start managing your emotions 
  • How to enhance the quality of your thinking 
  • Learn how your past can keep your future hostage 
  • How distractions like social media can have a negative effect on your thinking

We teach from experience. I have almost 10 years of business and personal development experience under my belt, I want you to learn from my pain so I will share stories of my journey with you too to inspire and motivate you. 

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Still not convinced? Then watch my free course…How to Use Your Pain to Birth Change here. 


Are you a college student passionate about all things women empowerment, committed to personal and leadership development and love a good slay?

Then apply to become one of our college ambassadors and start a chapter of The Legacy Society at your school. Your ambassadorship will include: 

  • Launching and leading The Legacy Society at your school 
  • Serve as college ambassador of Embrace Her Legacy Global Empowerment on your campus 
  • Coordinate at least (2) pre-approved events per semester
  • Availability for bi-weekly conference call with national team members 
  • Access to mentors of prominent women in our community 
  • Immediate access to our online workshops. 
  • Access to our private discussion board and Facebook group – our online community of like-minded women 
  • Access to live “Office Hours” online with prominent women for inspiration and education  
  • Exclusive Legacy Society weekly newsletter 
  • Opportunity to exclusive mentorship by our founder, Maria I. Melendez 



Are you an influencer, celebrity or key tastemaker interested in joining the movement? Email us directly at to discuss how you can get involved by donating your time, money, value, and influence to our movement.