Success is not a one shot direction as I am sure that most of you may know. It’s one heck of a journey filled with ups, downs, setbacks, lessons learned, opportunities and wins. I have learned that the journey is NOTHING like one can expect as there will also be quite the few surprises and “How did I get here?” moments. No one enjoys those moments, however, I am learning how to make the best out of those times where I am looking to the sky, asking God, “Like, really? You couldn’t have taught me this lesson in another way? Do I have to walk through this valley right now?” Ahhhhh, those moments where you are fighting all sorts of giants for your dreams can test your faith to a place where you never thought it could go, but here is one bit advice to walk through your process with grace, courage and joy.

I was actually in a situation today where I asked myself “Dear God, how did I get here?” I smiled because I have learned to laugh in these instances because deep down I know this is all a part of the story. Furthermore, laughing keeps me from crying and complaining. As the thought entered my mind, another thought overpowered that thought telling me that it would all be worth it. Instead of complaining about my dilemma, I decided to focus on where I wanted to be one year from today. I put my energy towards meditating on manifesting those goals. When I began to do that, I realized that dealing with my current obstacle would be worth achieving that 1-year vision for myself. I like to call it “intentional thinking” when I am focusing my thoughts on accomplishing desired goals.

I took myself to that place of getting that call or signing that deal or confirming that speaking engagement in my mind which fueled me to take it one step further. I asked myself, “Maria, what can you do today to begin actualizing the vision you have in your head?” I thought about it and I immediately changed my to-do list for the day. Setting daily goals is habitual for me (and it should be for you also), so I already knew what needed to get done. However, facing my giant fueled me to be more creative and it pushed me to develop innovative, resourceful ideas to ignite my vision.

Here’s my point. When you are facing your giants, you have to take your mind somewhere else. Focus on where you want to go. If you cannot think too far, then focus on your 1-year vision for yourself. Take it a step further and think of what you can do today to help bring that vision forth. This will help you take your focus off of your problem and force you to focus on your solutions. When you are in your “How, did I get here?” moments, you are forced to think creatively which in turn is making you sharper as you grow.

So I leave you with this –

What can you start doing today to manifest your dream? Stop focusing on where you are and focus on where you want to be. Do what you can to make your success attractive. I promise that when you mentally take yourself to your desired destination, it will make what you are currently facing just a little easier to deal with. Get resourceful and know that you are not alone; I am on your journey with you along with millions of other women who are living in purpose and embracing their legacy!

If you do not fight for your dreams, then who else will?


Maria I. Melendez