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Inspiring Legacies at the YESPreneuer Conference

It was SUCH a honor to be a guest speaker and panelist at the YESpreneur Conference 2013 in Newark, NJ. The conference is an annual leadership conference for about (200) entrepreneurial-minded girls ages 8-17. Parents also gain...
Vision & Purpose

A Daughter’s Love

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I decided to write up a post about the one-of-a-kind relationship that a mother and daughter share. When Mother’s Day rolls around, I admit that I was never one of those daughters who “praised th...

Igniting Your Legacy: The Roundtable Discussion

What an incredible event we hosted with our guest host, Gilt Groupe executive and marketing extraordinaire, Rashana Hooks. We chatted all things legacy, purpose and turning our mess into a message…check out photos below!


Evoking Feminine Confidence Event with IMAN Cosmetics

Check out the pictures from our Evoking Feminine Confidence networking event with IMAN Cosmetics in June 2012!