Today is officially the first day of Spring! Yay!

It’s a new season on the calendar and we can finally start getting rid of our coats, boots and scarves in exchange for jackets, pastel colors and those new shoes that you’ve been waiting to debut.

Winter can be exhausting and most of us are ready for the weather shift. In New York City, we just got hit with a major snowstorm last week which left us shoveling for a few days. Not to mention, the temperature dropped to frigid so going outside is something that you only did only if you needed to.

That’s what winter is mostly about. We’re indoors a lot. We spend most of our days working or  going to school and back home. On a Friday night, you’d rather be home sipping on some hot chocolate or a good glass of Malbec than to endure the freezing wind slapping your face. When you do go outside, the trees look barren, the grass is dried up, everything seems to lack life and there is no sign at all that in a few weeks, those trees will be blooming and colorful flowers will be sprouting.

Although nothing appears to be happening in winter, there’s so much happening that the blind eye cannot see. I like to consider the “winters” in our lives as the seasons where we are sowing, working viciously towards our goals but we don’t see anything really happening. That’s because winter is about preservation, you don’t harvest or bear fruit in winter as there isn’t much production going on. You experience opposition, difficulty and delay. Things in your life look dead and you might be faced with some “impossible” situations. It’s in our own “winters” where God preserves you and your destiny. As you work towards your destiny, He sheds you of the things in your life that will not be fruitful in the next season in your life.

Life is all about seasons as there is a time for everything. Life has it’s ebb and flow. There are seasons where you sow, seasons where you harvest, seasons where you endure storms, seasons where you don’t see much changing, seasons of transition, seasons of victory, seasons of abundance, seasons of scarcity, seasons of happiness, and seasons of loss.

But here’s the beautiful thing about seasons. They always change! No one remains in a “winter” forever!

You know what your winter can do if you allow it to? It can steal you faith to believe that anything in your life can change. You can allow what you see or what you’ve been through to steal your joy or your hope for any change. Winter can steal your expectancy of any good thing happening to you.

It’s the first day of Spring but if you look outside your window, I’m sure that those trees still look barren. You might even still have snow on the ground like I do in New York City but that doesn’t change the fact that the season has shifted even if it doesn’t look like it.

Well what if there’s a shift happening for you? What if everything that you’ve been working towards, praying for and believing for (even if it looks dead, barren or impossible), God is about to deliver into your hands? I know it may be darn near impossible to believe it but what if He’s sending you a message through me that you’ve just entered into a new season.

Stop being afraid and start to believe that you will see the expression of God’s excellence to work on your behalf.

If winter is about preservation, then what is Spring about?

Glad you asked! Spring allows you to transition from barrenness, lack of production to a season of fruitfulness, flourishing and development. During your spring, you will see the fruits of the seeds that you’ve sowed blossom; the fruits of your patience, perseverance, faith and tenacity. You go from a famine to a land of abundance, expansion, prosperity and peace.

Do you want this? Then you’ve got to start believing and start preparing. The last thing that you want is to have spring show up in your life, God ready to make breakthroughs happen for you and you’re not ready. That’s the key about your winter is that you have to use it to prepare for your spring. If you want to become a conqueror then you are going to have to conquer something. You won’t know what you’re made of if you didn’t have to fight for something.

There are things that I’ve learned on my journey and my own loooonnnng winter that have only prepared me for the new season of victory in my life which is the very reason why I created the Embrace Her Legacy University.

How are you getting ready for your new season? If your ideal job emailed you tomorrow, would you be ready to negotiate for your desired salary? If the husband you’ve been believing for walked into your life on Friday, would you be a confident, secure, whole woman ready to embark  upon a new journey with him or would you still be holding onto unforgiveness or low self-worth because of your past? If someone wanted to invest into your business idea, would you at least know what your business would be or how much money you need to start? Do you currently have the mindset of a winner or are you still thinking like a victim? What if someone wanted to pay off your debt for you, would you know exactly how much debt you owe?

This is why my current courses of Embrace Her Legacy University include: 

  • How to Negotiate Like a Boss
  • The 7 Major Keys of Accomplishing Your Goals
  • How to Have Unwavering Faith to Defeat Your Giants
  • Mastering Your Thought Life – How to Master Positive, Faith-Filled Thinking
  • Learn to Discover Who You Are – A Class on Confidence, Self-Worth & The Power of Your Story

Embrace Her Legacy University is an inspirational, educational, chic and empowering online learning center designed to motivate and educate fabulous and faith-filled millennial women to grow in personal development, the application of faith, birth dreams and achieve your God-given destiny!

Our courses are specifically designed to transform millennial women to become who you’ve been called to be and we’ll use that as the foundation to teach you how to accomplish your professional and personal goals and realize your life’s assignment.

I’m here to help you stay ready so you don’t have to worry about getting ready.

Did you know know that along with access to the courses, you’ll also get complete access to my private Facebook group where you are also going to get to tons of support, motivation and accountability? We’ll have challenges and shoutouts giving you a chance to track your growth and share your accomplishments and promote your endeavors.

We’re also offering discounted goals coaching and wife coaching, financial coaching and leadership coaching will be special additions that I’m adding within the upcoming weeks with HIGHLY esteemed women from these industries so you’re not only gaining access to me but access to my personal tribe of leading, professional women who are going to be offering coaching sessions to stimulate your growth too.

Will you be joining us? It’s SUPER affordable because I wanted everyone to gain access to the course and the Facebook community. I know that sometimes we want to invest into our growth but it can be expensive. So you can join Embrace Her Legacy University for only $12 a month!

Say what???? That’s probably less money than you spent on food today.