Empowerment Programs

Our mission is to empower women and girls to remove any and all self-imposed limits in achieving one’s dreams and become legendary in your lives, purpose, and spirit. We provoke our message through co-curricular programs, personal development programs, tailored events and empowerment workshops, keynote motivational speeches and leadership development resources.

The programs we offer are created to evoke confidence in women and girls to not only achieve their dreams and embrace living a limitless legacy but to also gain the tools, inspiration and motivation needed to become a woman of poise, confidence, healthy self-image and intention. In order to honor what you have been called to do, we believe that you have to first become the person you have been called to be. Change is not an event but a process that starts with a decision, these programs are specifically designed to empower young women to lead purpose-driven lives, be legendary, and birth their dreams.

So read along and if you’re interested in any of these programs, feel free to send us a message at info@embraceherlegacy.com

Goal-Getting Success Bootcamp

Embrace Her Legacy regularly holds personal development workshops at various organizations, conferences, schools and universities. Our “Goal-Getting Success Bootcamp” is where we teach several personal development workshops focusing solely on effective goal-setting strategies to manifest success. Each session works with participants on different content to help set, define and achieve success-oriented goals and students learn proven techniques that focus on making goals specific, attainable while creating a concrete plan to achieve their personal and professional goals.
Module 1 – Discovering Purpose & What Success Means to You
Module 2 – Goal-Setting Intensive
Module 3 – Creating Your Success Plan
Module 4 – Vision Boarding on Steroids
*This program is offered to colleges and women’s organizations. Individual women can participate in this series here

The Made to Succeed Academy

Offered under the Embrace Her Legacy framework, The Made to Succeed Academy is a co-curricular program offered to high-schools, collegiate institutions and organizations focused on the empowerment of young women. The curriculum is a learning series focused on the overall well-being, empowerment, personal development and professional success of young women and can be offered as a multi-level course with targeted personal development courses.

Our goal is to empower our young women to become whole young women with a positive self-worth and self-image while also creating a framework for young women to birth their visions by accomplishing their personal and professional goals.

The overall style of the course is empowering, impactful and engaging. Maria eloquently uses her unique style of transparency, wit, expertise and warm-spirit while providing a framework and takeaway which students can effectively apply to their overall personal development, self-esteem and professional success to successfully lead purpose-driven lives. If your organization is interested in implementing the program, please email us at info@embraceherlegacy.com. Embrace Her Legacy offers this program at schools & as our franchise Saturday’s and Summer Institute program. 

Students who successfully complete the Made to Succeed Saturday’s Program and become Embrace Her Legacy High School Ambassadors receive:

  • Recommendation letters for college applications, internships & career opportunities from Embrace Her Legacy founder, Maria I. Melendez
  • Qualify for a remote internship with Embrace Her Legacy
  • Qualify for a mentorship by Embrace Her Legacy founder and other esteemed, professional women in Embrace Her Legacy network.
  • Complimentary access to all Embrace Her Legacy events (virtual & live events)
  • Access to free Embrace Her Legacy swag items

Curriculum topics include: 

  • —The Age of the Selfie: Real Talk About Beauty 7 Confidence
  • Becoming a Goal-Getter to Realize Your Dreams
  • Developing a Winning Circle of Influence
  • How to Face Your Fear & Defeat Your Giants
  • —Embracing the Power of Your Story
  • —7 Deadly Limits of Embracing Your Success
  • —Am I Worth It? A Masterclass on Confidence, Worth & Discovering Who You Are
  • —Turning Your Mess Into a Message
  • —No More Stinkin’ Thinking & The Power of Positive Thinking
  • —Vision Board Workshops
  • —Living a Purpose-Driven Life
  • UnMasking Your Truth
  • Discovering Your Purpose
  • Visionaries Sessions (Book Discussion)
  • Women Who Are Made to Succeed: Women Empowerment Panel Discussions

Goal-Setting Strategy Sessions 

Everyone’s goals are different, so the key here is for participants to learn how to effectively define and accomplish their success-driven goals. Our founder will coach, educate and motivate you to get there. She will help you create specific action steps to help you achieve your goals. She will show you how to realize your dreams by becoming resourceful and how to use strategic skills like her cause and effect strategy.

If you are interested in the effective goal setting sessions then please fill out the form here. Sessions are $50 for (45) minutes with a complimentary (15) minutes for the first call. If you need a little help getting your goals in order, clarity in goal-setting and defining your goals,  or you want to follow a framework to help achieve your goals then this is for you. She will show how to effectively set, define and achieve your success-driven goals.

The Visionaries Sessions 

Visionaries sessions can be hosted at your community organizations, church groups, events, conferences, schools,  or even at your home. Maria will come to you and we will work one-on-one beforehand on the topic that you want her to cover or you can have a general Q&A about her book, Take the Limits Off Your Legacy: A Woman’s Guide to Unlock Purpose and Vision.