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Do You Need to Go on a Phone Fast?

If anything is costing you your peace, it costs too much!  Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately needed guidance? Or you wanted clarity on why certain situations are happening in your life? Or you feel anxious and just want to experience peace?...
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Faith for the Impossible

Having faith is not always easy. As a matter of fact, if it were easy to believe for something then why would you need faith?  It’s easy to believe for a new house when you have a 801 credit score, thousands of dollars saved up, no debt and a 6-figure income....
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Commandments of Success

If you’re anything like me, you are a go-getter, extremely ambitious and on one serious mission to make it happen.  I love working hard, crossing things off my task list and seeing my goals realized. Most days, my head is knee-deep into my laptop and I’m...
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