Our Legacy

Building New Opportunities at Hofstra University

10 years ago, I entered a program at Hofstra University that pretty much changed my life. It’s called the New Opportunities at Hofstra, otherwise known as the NOAH program which is part the Higher Educational Opportunitie...
Our Legacy

Courage, Confidence & Career Workshop at Crotona

As an advisory board member of Crotona International High School in New York City, I conducted a workshop entitled “Embrace Your Fabulous Self & Discover Your Career Path” workshop a select group of vibrant, bri...

Inspiring Legacies at the YESPreneuer Conference

It was SUCH a honor to be a guest speaker and panelist at the YESpreneur Conference 2013 in Newark, NJ. The conference is an annual leadership conference for about (200) entrepreneurial-minded girls ages 8-17. Parents also gain...