Invest in yourself and invest in a girl! 

Embrace Her Legacy University for Heiresses is an inspirational, educational, chic and empowering online classroom designed to motivate and educate fabulous and faith-filled millennial women to grow in personal development, the application of faith, birth dreams and achieve your God-given destiny by understanding your divine identity.

We all have heard “I’m the daughter of the King” but what does that really mean? 

We teach, coach, educate and inspire millennial women with the tools and resources needed to learn how to live, walk in and activate their divine power, dominion and authority in order to realize their divine purpose and legacy through our online personal development and spiritual growth courses. 

We gloriously motivate and teach millennial women how to appropriate life as an heiress to the divine throne with class, sophistication and purpose.

Imagine how different you would think, act and speak if you knew that you were royalty! You are God’s daughter, He is the King, which makes you an heiress. 

Where would you go or not go? 
What would you eat or stop eating? 
What would you put up with? 
What would you expect to happen to you? 
What would you stop fearing? 
What material things would you have and not have any problem acquiring? 

Certainly you wouldn’t worry about money. 
Your husband has already been hand picked for you. 
Would you worry about your role or purpose? Nope, its been predestined. 

But many of us are going around with a pauper attitude living pauper lives because we don’t know who we are or better yet whose we are. You’ve got to change who you think before you change what you see in your life. 

This is the classroom that is going help you secure your identity as a heiress and empower you with the tools, wisdom and resources to help you fabulously walk out your purpose and achieve your goals! 

AND! As you invest in yourself, you invest in a girl across the globe as percentage of proceeds from our sales here go to The Embrace Her Legacy Foundation mentoring, empowering and inspiring girls around the world! 

Video Directed, Shot and Edited by: Sontenish Myers

Our current courses include:

  • Secrets Galore in Building Powerful Relationships in Life & Business 
  • Major Keys to Discovering and Living In Your Purpose 
  • How to Negotiate Like a Boss 
  • The 7 Major Keys of Accomplishing Your Goals 
  • How to Have Unwavering Faith to Defeat Your Giants 
  • Mastering Your Thought Life – How to Master Positive, Faith-Filled Thinking 
  • Learn to Discover Who You Are – A Class on Confidence, Self-Worth & The Power of Your Story

Here’s a outline of what you will learn in each class:

Secrets Galore in Building Powerful Relationships in Life & Business 

  1. Character Development: Girl! You gotta focus on becoming the person you need to be in order to attract the right relationships in your life. So if you want to be a wife, you have to become one first. 
  2. Using Discernment: You’re not judging others, but how to use sound judgment on who you’ll allow in your circle of influence. 
  3. Knowing Your Worth: You’re the oxtail on the menu (I promise it will make you laugh when you watch the course). You have Google stock, time to start acting like it and eliminating any “seat fillers” in your life. 
  4. Maturity: Learning how to take responsibility for any of the mess that’s in your life and letting it go. 
  5. Forgiveness: Oh, so you mad? Not realizing how holding onto that is the exact thing that’s holding back your most powerful relationships, even your future husband. I’ll share with you how to forgive and move forward with joy. 
  6. Start Asking: How to stop being cute (which is really a cover up for pride) and overcome the fear of asking for help. Fear is not from God and it’s OK to enroll people in your vision! 
  7. Building Your Team: I’m spilling the tea on how to create a powerful team of professional relationships who can elevate you towards success. 
  8. Networking Like a Champ: Girl, now I know networking can be super annoying! But I’ve mastered the art to make it work for me and it’s as simple as 1,2,3. I’ll teach you how to focus on building quality relationships instead of just handing out a million business cards to people you won’t remember tomorrow. 
  9. Using Social Media to Your Advantage: I’ll teach you how you can use social media to take relationships offline and be in the same room with the people you want to build with. 
  10. Secrets Galore!: The tea is spilled all the way in the class like how to get anyone’s email address at a company you need to pitch that business idea to.

Major Keys of Discovering and Living In Your Purpose 

This course is going to help you realize what your purpose is and more importantly, what it’s not. As a matter of fact, I’ll show you how to start living in that destiny TODAY. This course is going to incite your faith in God to the do the impossible and the courage that you need to pursue your purpose fabulously and unapologetically.

How to Negotiate Like a Boss 

  • You will learn to identify your skills, assets and abilities to leverage your ask
  • You will learn how to kill it in every meeting and walk away with what you want 
  • If you’re a new to your industry, I will show you specific newbie strategies to get your foot in the game
  • Learn how to make sure you have satisfied clients 
  • Discover your value to the marketplace
  • Learn strategies to gain repeat clients 
  • I will show you how to identify the person who can help you in all negotiations 
  • Learn how to find out what to charge
  • Learn how to get the number you want
  • Gain the confidence to charge what you deserve…even if it means walking away

The 7 Major Keys of Accomplishing Your Goals

  • Have clarity! You will know what success means to you, you’ll know what you really want. 
  • I’ll teach you how to create your personal success plan
  • You’ll be able to clearly define your legacy 
  • You’ll learn how to discover and realize your life’s assignment 
  • You’ll learn to avoid several common goal-setting mistakes 
  • I’ll teach you the power of writing your dreams and goals 
  • You’ll know the difference between your dreams and your goals 
  • I’ll teach you how to make your goal SMART 
  • You will identify and set your top 10 goals 
  • I will teach you how to create an action plan for each goal 
  • You’ll learn how to manage your time effectively in order to work on your goals 
  • Learn how to deal with people who don’t support your goals 
  • I’m going to teach you how to identify obstacles and needed support 
  • Identify hidden resources that you have access to help you
  • Identify new methods to help you overcome obstacles
  • Create a schedule to help you work on your goals daily

How to Have Unwavering Faith to Defeat Your Giants 

  • How to gain faith by understanding God’s character 
  • Learn how to stop doubting 
  • I will teach you how to develop a faith-filled, Word based mindset 
  • I will show you how to gain the courage to defeat your giants 
  • You’ll learn how to get through challenging seasons 
  • Learn how to recognize and pass tests of faith 
  • I will show you how to exercise the power in your words to change your situation 
  • Learn how to command your blessings 
  • Learn how to use the Word of God to encourage your faith 
  • I will show you how to pray powerful, faith-filled prayers 
  • Learn how to overcome fear, doubt and negative thinking

Mastering Your Thought Life – How to Master Positive, Faith-Filled Thinking

  • Learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs 
  • Understand the power of your thoughts 
  • I’m going to teach you how to use your thoughts to attract what you want 
  • Learn how to control your thoughts of fear, worry, doubt and other negative emotions 
  • I’m going to show you how to change your expectations 
  • Learn how to start managing your emotions 
  • I’m going to teach you how to enhance the quality of your thinking 
  • Learn how your past can keep your future hostage 
  • How distractions like social media can have a negative effect on your thinking

Learn to Discover Who You Are – A Class on Confidence, Self-Worth & The Power of Your Story

  • You will learn how to discover who you are 
  • Learn how to distinguish who you are from what you do
  • Identify any idols in your life 
  • You will learn to see yourself the way God sees you 
  • Learn the dangers of seeking your meaning, approval or identity in: accomplishments, relationships, money, status, social media following, your body etc. 
  • I’m going to teach you how to have a positive outlook of your past 
  • Learn how to overcome insecurity 
  • You will understand the difference between your self-worth and your self-confidence 
  • Strategies to overcome low self-worth
  • The power of your story and how it reveals the essence of who you are
  • Discover the root of your lack of self-confidence
  • Methods to transform how you value yourself
  • Learn how to embrace the power in your story 
  • You will learn how to see yourself as woman who is whole
  • I’m going to teach you how to start loving all of you
  • Identify why and how fear, guilt, shame influence your worth
  • Identify any masks you’ve worn 
  • I’m going to teach you how to identify your core-values 
  • The difference between internal fear and external fear and how fear is connected to low self-worth 
  • I’m going to teach you how to be comfortable in your skin

Additional Features to Embrace Her Legacy University:
You’re also going to get to join my personal Facebook group for tons of support, motivation and accountability. We’ll have weekly challenges and shoutouts giving you a chance to track your growth and share and promote your accomplishments.

I will be sharing special messages of motivation and inspiration in our Facebook group as well as different resources to help you grow in your personal development, faith and accomplishing goals like our personal mission statement worksheet, core values assessment, and the Embrace Her Legacy Library which are books that have helped me grow in personal development and faith. 

Why Embrace Her Legacy University of Heiresses? 
I’m a believer in God and a follower of Jesus so I’m going to be using Biblical and ancient principles to help you first focus on your character, heal your wounded soul and then we’ll get to work on your goals. All faith walks welcome! 

Embrace Her Legacy University of Heiresses is going to help you build your character, grow in your faith and birth your dreams. I am going to show you to apply what you’ve learned to realize your divine destiny. Too many of us want to focus on getting but I’ll show you how to focus on who you are becoming.

There is no amount of success, money, followers, relationships or accomplishments that can leave you permanently secure – only God can do that. So we’ll be focusing on pursuing a healed soul, forgetting former pain and using that as the foundation to achieve your destiny!

I’m a fabulous and faith-filled, millennial woman with tons of personality so I know your struggles girl! I teach from experience and have almost 10 years of business and personal development experience under my belt, I want you to learn from my pain so I will share stories of my journey with you too to inspire and motivate you. Trust me when I say I know the amount of tenacity, perseverance and faith it takes to do what God has called you to do.

You can try it risk free too. If you don’t like what you see, you can request a full refund within 30 days of joining. I’ve made this super affordable option for all my ladies on a budget as you gain access to all this splendor for only $19 a month..for now! That’s less than what you probably spent on Caramel Macchiato’s this week 😉

You gain lifetime access to each course too. I know that courses can be overwhelming so you can start one or few, take a break, go back and finish. Each course is a video course coupled with a worksheet to help you apply what you’ve learned. 

Are you ready to embrace your legacy, finally becoming the woman who want to become and achieving the dreams of your heart?

This is your time! Watch the story behind the Embrace Her Legacy University below –


I'm Down! Enroll Me in EHL University
I'm Down! Enroll Me in EHL University