In spite of what you may have been taught, it’s OK to desire God’s best. 

It’s totally fine to desire an abundance of income streams. It’s more than OK to want to eat the best foods or dine in the finest restaurants. Yes, it’s OK if you want to have designers clothes, shoes and handbags. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to live in a beautiful, lavish home. And yes, there is nothing wrong to want to drive a really nice car. 

What’s not OK is when you allow these materials things to possess you. You can’t seek your self-worth or identity in material things because it will leave you disappointed and empty. Money is not the root of all evil, the love of money is. 

I know many of you may have the desire to help other people but how can you really do that if your life looks crazy and you can’t help yourself? 

In order to create change in our communities, build businesses, get your MBA, start organizations, feed the hungry, clothe the needy, save girls from human trafficking or pay your children’s college tuition – you are going to need money. 

There’s a Scripture that tells a story about a “poor wise man.” He was filled with so much wisdom that could influence the nation but no one would listen to him because he was poor. 

This is not to make you feel bad about where you are right now because I know the struggle all too real. However, I want to empower you to change your thinking and affirm your desires in order to walk out this life as the royalty that you are so you can gloriously do whatever you’ve been created to do. 

Let’s be real here. We gravitate towards listening to people who have achieved impressive levels of success. You are more likely to take marriage advice from someone whose been in a loving relationship for 40 years and you’re more likely to take business advice from a multi-billion dollar entrepreneur. 

Since you were created in God’s image and He’s the King, that means you’re royalty as well. So why not walk through this life looking and acting like such? 


Oftentimes we settle for breadcrumbs because we’ve been indoctrinated to believe that wealth and the finer things in life are for other groups of people or anyone else but you. 

That’s nothing but baloney! 

Who said you can’t have that dream home, car, wardrobe, office space, education, spouse, vacation, spa day or purse? 

Think about all the people you can pour into if you had the lifestyle that you desire. You can maybe use your dream home to host sleepovers for battered women. You can giveaway your current car to that needy family once you get your new one. You can take your friend who just had a horrible breakup for a luxurious spa day. 

Wherever you are playing small with God, I challenge you to ask and believe Him for bigger…for His best! 

What’s something that you would really want, maybe even for Christmas, but you don’t even pray for? If you had the means to give your children their desires for Christmas, would you not? So why do you expect differently from God? 

God loves you, believes in you and wants you live a fulfilled life! 

Whatever that thing is that you want, I challenge you to ask for it, with faith! Then I want you to act as if you already have it. Imagine yourself with it. Meditate on that image over and over again. As soon as you ask for it, believe that you received it. Not that you will get it, that you already have it and let God do it for you. 

Don’t worry about how it’s going to come to you, just believe. Is this not the time for miracles? 

No more playing small, no more settling for less than God’s best. The best awaits you! 

With Love, 

Maria I. Melendez 
Founder & CEO 
Embrace Her Legacy