Lack of confidence and a misunderstanding of self-worth is something that has been plaguing us since the beginning of time. For one reason or another, we as women can often struggle with being fully comfortable in our own skin. And in this digital age of the selfie, discovering who you are and learning how to become satisfied with your own journey can be such a challenge. Well, this masterclass on confidence, worth, wholeness and discovering who you are is our answer to that.

I struggled for years with low self-worth; I just never felt good enough. I carried that into my adulthood until one day I took a strong look at myself in the mirror and realized that something had to change. My low self-worth was rooted in a fear of rejection and a need of approval of others. Once I started to do the work and I discovered who I really was then I started to see change, beauty and magic happen in my life which is what you’ll learn to do in this class.

I want you to know something – it’s OK to not have it all together all of the time! In order to truly change your circumstances, you’re going to have to be honest and vulnerable with yourself first. Being a strong woman does not mean that you have it all together, your character is rooted in how you CHOOSE to respond to what happens to you. Take back the power of other people’s opinion of you, the only opinion that matters is the one that you have for yourself. I know that can be a challenge but I will show you how to become the confident woman you have been called to be and take back your power in this class.

Jim Rohn has this quote, “When you work hard at your job, you will make a living. When you work hard on yourself, you’ll make a fortune.” It’s time to put the same amount of energy that you do towards your professional success to your personal success.

This is what you’ll learn from this class:

  • Secrets to discovering who you are  & how to distinguish who you are from what you do
  • Strategies to overcome low self-worth
  • The power of your story and how it reveals the essence of who you are
  • Discover the root of your lack of self-confidence
  • The difference between self-worth and self-confidence and how your thoughts are tied to each
  • Methods to transform how you value yourself
  • How to become a woman who is whole
  • Steps to start loving all of you
  • Why and how fear, guilt, shame influence your worth
  • Taking back the power from any masks you’ve worn
  • Character assessment, core value and fear assessment exercises
  • The difference between internal fear and external fear and discovering where your “internal”mice are coming from

Please note that when you download this class, along with the audio MP3 there are also TWO worksheets included with the class. Make sure that you download those as well.

It’s time to become the woman that you have been called to be so that you can honor what you have been called to do!