Embrace Her Legacy has proposed partnering with local (New York City tri-state area) schools and  for the following program to give students the opportunity connect and build relationships with leading, professional women who are setting strides in their career and communities. Students involved will gain invaluable insight and wisdom for both professional and personal development.

Embrace Her Legacy will create and facilitate a workshop focused on the importance of establishing a mentor while providing a framework of effective mentor and mentee relationship in which students will learn an in-depth approach to career & leadership development, personal wellness and the importance of cultivating professional relationships. Embrace Her Legacy will invite esteemed, hand-selected professional women to participate in the program in which students can connect with professionals to establish a mentor-mentee relationship.

Program Layout

  • A multiple course program (minimum 2 – maximum 5) program that breaks down the definition, importance and protocol of mentor-mentee relationships and cultivating professional relationships. Also, the program will include a “mentor mixer” where potential mentors will connect with the students and participate in a targeted discussion.
  • Discussion topics include but are not limited to: career, finance, self-confidence, self-image and personal beauty, beauty and the media, manifesting dreams, personal brands, living a purpose-driven life, vision board workshops, living a limitless legacy, women empowerment, personal development, and entrepreneurship.
  • Each session will conclude with empowering, purpose-driven action-steps for students to actively engage in their overall personal development throughout the course and will include an hour long targeted discussion and/or workshop with additional time for an interactive Q&A.
  • The program has to be multiple sessions for mentors and students to meet for a selected number of sessions and each session we will focus on discussing or building upon a different topics as indicated above.
  • Topic discussions are contingent upon client’s needs – please note that topics can be tailored.
  • The goal is to cultivate meaningful, lasting and empowering professional relationships between mentors and mentees.


  • Potential mentors are distinguished, note-worthy professional women who are established in their careers and revered in their respective industries and bring years of experience, wisdom and knowledge to share with students.
  • All sessions are moderated by Embrace Her Legacy founder, Maria I. Melendez.
  • Your organization will be responsible for selected the students as well as providing the space for the workshop.
  • Each student will receive a short bio from intended mentors prior to the event and should come prepared with questions ready.
  • Embrace Her Legacy will screen and select potential mentors.
  • Embrace Her Legacy will provide a questionnaire that must be completed by each pre-selected student prior to the day of the actual meeting of the potential mentors in order for Embrace Her Legacy to effectively connect students to the appropriate mentor.
  • Students and mentors will also complete a survey (which will remain anonymous) after the workshop for feedback purposes.
  • Embrace Her Legacy can also provide additional components (at your request) which include our founder’s empowerment book, our Today, I Embrace tote bags and Limitless LIFE notebooks.


For more information about the program including costs, please email us directly at info@embraceherlegacy.com with Share Your Legacy as the subject line and your detailed request. We look forward to hearing from you.