We’ve officially launched our web series “The UnMasked Effect” where (8) influential women courageously share their fears, the real price of success, the good and the bad of their journey to womanhood and so much more. They laugh, cry and break through walls in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. We learn about beauty, confidence, vulnerability, self-worth, purpose, wholeness, legacy and even the origin of the word “ratchet.”

These women beautifully speak their truths and share their stories. In spite of what others may think, they bravely remove their masks of perceived beauty and having it all together, all of the time. They encourage us to be ourselves, be whole and embrace our truths. Truth is that there is a process to achieving your legacy and the first is to “unmask.”

When you “unmask” you are learning who you really are, honoring your truth, embracing wholeness and shedding of any guilt, shame, fear, rejection, doubt or insecurities that may have held you back. Before you begin to do what you’ve been called to do, you have to become the person you were called to become. When you “unmask,” you are becoming!

We created this series in hopes to spark the conversation in girlfriend circles around the world; our hope is that women have this very conversation with themselves and develop the courage to live free and “unmask.”

With that being said, we decided to create “The UnMasked Challenge” to give you the opportunity to “unmask” and work on who you’re becoming so you can triumphantly do what you’ve been called to do. We want you to look in the mirror, embrace who you really are and if there is something you do not like, then this is your chance to work on that.

The challenge is broken down into (4) different segments, each corresponding with the theme of the episode airing that week. Each week you’ll get to partake in exercises that are designed to help you grow in character, defeat obstacles and discover your truth. Use this as your guide to “unmasking.” Here are the themes per each episode:

Week 1: Who They Are/Embracing Beauty & Confidence
Week 2: Facing Fears & Vulnerabilities 
Week 3: You ARE Worth It!
Week 4: Legacies Unveiled

We hope you take this challenge seriously and feel free to interact with us on Facebook & Twitter and join in on the conversation! As always, it’ my honor to serve you! Download the FREE challenge below!

About The UnMasked Effect Web Series
In response to recent media targeting women, founder and CEO of Embrace Her Legacy, Maria I. Melendez has executive produced and launched a noteworthy web-series in response to the repeated images of women who are either engaging in cat fights over non-sense, negatively judging each other’s level of success, or who have glamorized their self-worth by the cars they drive, designer bags they’ve purchase or who they’ve slept with.

Truth is that we as women have come such a long way and are seriously kicking ass in our careers while balancing the hats of wife, mom, friend, aunt or neighbor. We are praised for our successes daily with the repeated likes, follows, retweets and “You better go girl” comments on social media. But what happens when your ambition is really a cover-up for lack of self worth? Or when you seemingly have it “all together” but truth is you’re scared to pieces of pursuing your true passion because of your fear of rejection? Or when you are told you look beautiful and cannot accept the compliment because you are too focused on your flaws? Or the classic one of secretly being jealous of “her” because “she” has what you want? These are those deep-down, in the gut feelings that we carry with us EVERY day, while we continue to put on our masks of perceived success, joy, and wholeness because we dare not admit and embrace our truths because otherwise we are “weak.”

The deception has gone on far too long and Embrace Her Legacy is doing something about it. Embrace Her Legacy has taken the matter into our own hands and we’re talking about it in an honest, unprecedented, inspirational and impactful conversation. We hand-selected a group of (8) respected, professional women to discuss their journey of success and the price that they have had to pay in order to achieve their success. “The UnMasked Effect” is a sincere and thought-provoking discussion proctored by leadership and empowerment advocate, Cordelia Abrokwah, where women discuss the implied “masks” that they have worn while hiding truths about their character, insecurities or personal hardships due to fear, lack of self-worth, guilt, shame or embarrassment. Throughout the conversation, our cast of women learn the wisdom and motivation needed to remove any unnecessary masks and triumph over fears, doubts or insecurities that may have hindered them on their journey.

The climax of the series is when each woman partakes in an innovative yet effective exercise where they remove their implied masks. What happens next is the confrontation and honesty with oneself that leads each woman to share her truth, remove her mask and give someone else the courage to the same.

We like to call it “The UnMasked Effect.”

Watch the entire series on our YouTube Channel – Take a sneak peek of the series trailer below!