The journey of discovering your purpose to birth your vision and ultimately live your legacy can be a challenging one, filled with birthing pains. What I am starting to experience and understand is that the journey can also be quite lonely at times.

Let’s be real here for one second.

We live in a culture that tells you to work until you can’t work anymore and keep working after that. Rightfully so, because 40% of Americans are one check away from living under the poverty line. I completely understand that we have to work, but shouldn’t we at least try to create a work life that is what we want? I know it’s hard, but it is possible. Is that not the American dream?

So on my journey of birthing my vision and living my legacy, I will admit that I feel super alone because I’m not doing the ordinary thing. Ordinary would have been to stay at a job the made me miserable and indulge in shopping, drinking or whatever else to take my mind off the fact that I was miserable at work. I speak from experience. Extraordinary is walking by an insane amount of faith and trusting God to show me how to use my gifts, talents and abilities to serve others and ultimately live the life that He ordained for me.

After battling with these feelings of “loneliness”, I heard a pastor preach and his message was “God doesn’t do group calling, He called you so you have to be willing to walk alone. Remember that no matter how lonely you may feel, God is and always will be with you.”

That message pierced my heart because I knew I needed to hear it. I learned that I have to be willing to walk my journey alone and sometimes that’s best because truth is most people will not understand why you’re choosing courage over comfort.

So many times we want our loved ones to understand, support us or even walk with us on our journey but that is not how it works out sometimes. You have to be willing to walk your journey of living in purpose by yourself. It’s not up to you to make others understand, you have to live in the conviction that what you are doing is right for you.

We each have a different calling over our lives and I am tired of seeing fear play such a vital role in holding us back. Fear tells you that you will lose your friends and you’re better off taking the safe route. I do not know of one influential leader that got to where they are by playing it safe or worrying about who would join them on the journey.

Truth is that your journey will show you who your real friends are. Not everyone is set to make it with us, sometimes we hold onto relationships for dear life without realizing that perhaps the season for that relationship has passed. It’s OK to let people go and trust God to take care of them as you do. We are not responsible for other people’s lives; that’s actually a deadly and dysfunctional road to walk down. You have to believe that people have the power to lead their own lives and you have the power to lead yours and yours only.

Be committed to you and your calling. Remember God does not do group calling, He called YOU and no matter how you may feel you are never alone. I’m convinced that me being “alone” is a sign that I am well on my way because all the greats have had to walk their journey alone at one point, even when the world did not believe or understand.

Maria I. Melendez
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