I know I am not the only one who has struggled with fear or who has had to face (and continue to face) giants that can seem overwhelming, difficult, discouraging and out right scary at times! I had to quit my high-profile job in the music business a few years back in order to pursue my dreams of Embrace Her Legacy and that was met with dozens of fears; I feared rejection, the future and failure. I have had faced dozens of giants since then and I still have fears and giants that I am dealing with, you are far from alone.

In this age of social media, we can be fooled to believe that we are the only ones who are struggling while everyone else is on vacation, succeeding, prospering and living their lives like it’s golden but I have learned that’s so far from true. We have to understand that everyone is putting on an “aspirational front” to a certain extent and you never really know what someone is going through behind the scenes. There have been so many times where I just wanted to post “If you ONLY knew what I was dealing with right now and how many giants I have to slay in order to move forward! I just want to cry myself to sleep! – which I have no shame in saying that I have because sometimes you feel like all you can do is cry.

There are times where I wished that successful people would be more transparent about their struggles – especially the struggles, fears and giants that they experienced at the beginning of their journey of success. You ever just wanted to get Oprah on the phone and ask her how she did it? Yep, me too.

The truth of the matter is that all of us who are on this journey of success will have to defeat giants. Giants are those trials and tribulations that are challenging, uncomfortable, testing and sometimes hurtful. The giant can be a job loss, business failure, financial lack, being hurt my someone you love, losing a loved one, becoming ill, marital issues and so much more. We all will have to face seasons in our lives that are harder than others and those seasons will stretch our faith and capacity. We all have fears that we deal with on a daily basis and if we do not recognize them or deal with them from the root then we will find ourselves meditating on thoughts of fear, speaking words of fear and acting upon our fear.

There is no way that you are going to be able to realize your dreams and live a limitless legacy if you are a servant to your fears. Remember this: Anything that you cannot say “no” to, you are a slave to. The tricky thing about fear is that it comes disguised as so many other things, one of them is practicality. Trust me when I say that your dreams do not have to be practical in order for them to be valid.

Well, after recognizing my own fears, dealing with my own giants and realizing that many other women were dealing with their own fears and giants, I have decided to do something about it and I want to help you boldly face your fears, graciously defeat your giants and embrace your victory in my FREE class!

I wanted to make this free for all of you ladies because I want everyone to kick their fear to curb and live in the purpose that you were called to live! I am tired of fear ruling our lives, whether it’s fear of the future, fear of success, fear of financial lack or fear of being alone – I am committed to helping you triumph over your challenges! Here is a brief synopsis of what I will be covering on the call –

  • How to identify your fears and deal with them from the root
  • The difference between external fears and internal fears
  • How to fight your fears with a plan
  • How to exercise your faith and the authority God had given you
  • How to defeat your giants by using your Five Senses of Faith
  • Daily action steps you can take to fight your fear and defeat your giants

I’m a believer in God and His Almighty power. I am a child of God and He has given each of us the power to not only walk through our fires but to not get burned in the midst. You have authority living on the inside of you and I believe it is my duty to show you how to tap into that power, so let’s get it going and make sure that you come to class ready with a pen and notebook to take notes!

I look forward to empowering you to live fearlessly and to conquering your giants with glamour, grace and style! Enjoy the class!


Maria I. Melendez