I don’t know one person who couldn’t use more money. Money is the reason why we get out of bed in the morning and report to jobs we don’t like, deal with co-workers we can’t stand and remain in this cycle until something better comes along.

If I were to give you $1 million, would you take it? Of course you would and so would I! But what I’ve noticed (and we’ve seen this happen before), is that someone can get $1 million today and end up filing bankruptcy next year. We’ve seen this happen to lottery winners, celebrities who shot to fame and anyone in between who didn’t have the character needed to maintain and grow the wealth that was given to them.

That’s because prosperity doesn’t begin in your bank account. It doesn’t begin when your outside circumstances change. Prosperity begins on the inside. Prosperity begins when you start to change your thinking from a poverty-based mindset.

What do I mean by a “poverty based” mindset?

See it doesn’t matter how much money you make or what new job you get, if you still have a poverty based mindset then you’ll never have enough money. What we tend to do when we need more money is think of ways to get a job that pays us more or start changing the pricing strategy of our businesses –  which is common sense. However, what difference does it make if you still think thoughts that are rooted in fear, lack and insecurity?

Some of us are waiting for someone to give us something – whether it’s an opportunity, a promotion, a check, a new job or a scholarship. When we don’t get it, we go blaming other people for the lack of our upward mobility. The iconic motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, has this quote “Don’t wish things were easier, wish that you were better.”

Unfortunately, life is not fair and economic disparity runs ramped all over the world. To make matters even worse, we’re not being taught skills to achieve wealth. We’re taught to work harder, study harder and get a good job that will pay you good money. However, there are millions of people who bust their tails off working hard every day and are still riding the poverty line.

Many of us are carrying thousands upon thousands of dollars in student loan debt and millennials account for 40% of the unemployment rate in this country! What’s wrong with picture?

We have to change our relationship with money and our thinking towards money. When you constantly approach money from a place of fear or that you won’t ever have enough – you have a lack based mentality and you will attract such into your life. What I’ve learned is not to put my trust in money but to put my trust in God who will not only supply all of my needs but who expects me to be a steward over the money He gives me. The more you hold tight onto your money like you’ll never get more, the more you’ll attract lack into your life. Start to think of money as a tool, one that there is more than enough to go around. You are to manage your money and not let it manage you.

When I changed my thinking from my employment as my source of income to God as my source, I can now think with abundance because I have an unlimited source. The money or income in my life is no longer limited to what I can work for but to what God can do. Now that doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to be undisciplined with your finances. Anything taken to the extreme is error so don’t expect to run up your credit cards and then expect God to send you a $10,000 check next week. If He were to keep doing that then you wouldn’t learn the lesson of disciplining your spending.

If you’re in a season of lack in your life, don’t get comfortable there either. Just because you fell on hard times, does not mean that these circumstances will be your destiny. Many of us get comfortable in lack and pray little prayers asking God to just get us through the month. You’re passing through a season as we all go through financial hardships but you have to make a decision of how you will choose to respond to this adversity. Like my pastor, Dr. AR Bernard put it, “Adversity is a chance for opportunity.” This adversity may be a chance for you to learn, grow and experience success and achievement. You might be asking God for a new job but what if He gave you an idea that you can turn into a multi-million dollar business? Make up your mind that you will not get comfortable with lack in your life and that you’re going to come out of it.

Then, change the way you approach earning money. You don’t get paid for your time but for your value to the marketplace. Instead of focusing on getting more money, focus on becoming THE BEST at whatever it is that you do. Hone in on what your gifts, talents and abilities are and think of ways that you can translate that into income opportunities. If you focus on using your gifts as a problem solver then you are well on your way to economic success. How can you solve that companies, client’s, woman’s problem? How can you make their lives easier with your gifts, talents and abilities? How can you add more value to that company or client? Now you’re thinking prosperity because it’s not about what you can get but what you can give and in return, you will receive.

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That’s another poverty based thinking – we feel like we never have enough money to invest in ourselves so we rather spend money on immediate pleasures that will never leave us permanently fulfilled. I’ve made this super affordable so that we no longer have excuses…$12 per month. Will you take advantage?

You can build wealth, it just begins in your mind.

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